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Heat treatment company of Shandong Hongqi Electromechanical Products Co., Ltd. specializes in heat treatment and surface treatment. The center boasts strong technical force and reliable credit. In addition to making military products, the center undertakes heat treatment businesses. Welcome to visit our Heat Treatment Center!
Heat Treatment Center has complete processing equipment and multiple processing and supporting techniques. It has bluing production line, and its surface treatment is in line with national standards. It is applicable to processing products for export.
The center has extended box-type trolley furnace, with a processing range of 7m, applicable for tempering, annealing, normalizing, stress relief machining, and straightening of various shafts and pipe steels; it also has high-temperature furnace for solution treatment austenitic stainless steel and tempering of martensitic stainless steel.
The high temperature salt bath furnaces and austempering furnaces meet the technical requirements of mold quenching. The high-frequency devices, high-frequency quenching trolleys are for high-frequency processing of large shafts, gears, and large shaped workpieces. The center has nitrate furnace specifically for making aluminum parts; fitted with pit-type resistance quenching equipment, the furnace can be used for machining of aluminum parts.
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