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Shandong Hongqi Electromechanical R&D Center is the research and development institution of the company’s new technology, new technique and new products. It was founded in 1978, renamed for several times in the past and was renamed Military Product Research Institute after restricting in 2001 and now is named R&D Center.
The R&D Center has six technical personnel with senior titles (including two professor senior engineers) and has recently hired a group of young engineers and technicians on the basis of the original staff, forming an echelon accouterment of young, middle-aged and old researchers. The R&D Center has upgraded necessary test equipment. High-spirited researchers are determined to make greater contribution to the company’s development!
In long-term research and practice, the R&D Center has established long-term cooperation relations with many prestigious research institutes, universities and colleges in China and made fruitful achievements and win-win. The R&D Center shall continue to consolidate and develop this form of combination of production, study and research and look forward to carrying out more extensive exchange and cooperation with more units, in hope of creating new brilliance.