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Logo Paraphrase:
The logo is composed of a flying red flag and an earth-shaped ellipse formed by the extension part of the red flag. A blue belt of Chinese pinyin HONGQI is embedded on the ellipse. It meaning is:
1. The red flag is flying on the earth and is a symbol of vitality and take-off of the company, indicating the spirit of keeping pace with the times.
2. Elements of the logo graph: The flagpole and red flag form a shape of “H”. The ellipse formed by the extended red flag and the blue belt formed by letters of HONGQI make up a “Q” shape, and the two letters H and Q is the acronym of Hong Qi.
3. “H” and “Q” are respectively the first letter of the word “High” and “Quality”, indicating the enterprise philosophy of “Rigorous and Pragmatic, Honest and Efficient” and the product concept of “Pursuit of Quality, Constant Innovation”. “H’ also contains the meaning of Human Being, indicating the talent concept of “People-oriented, Giving Full Play to One’s Talents”; and the blue letter belt turns on a deformed “S” shape, indicating Service and the service concept of “User Foremost”.
4. Generally, the logo uses scarlet, reflecting vitality and vigor, which is the symbol of strength and boom. The blue letter belt embodies the enterprise standard color.

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