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The Shandong Hongqi Electrical Co., Ltd. (Factory) five thousand eight hundred twenty-three Department of Defense military enterprises. Yimeng mountainous plant in May 1970, the overall move to in 1994, Weifang City, Shandong Province, asset restructuring and corporate restructuring completed in October 2002.

The company covers an area of 800 acres, the total fixed assets of 120 million yuan, the existing staff of 600 people; company has a variety of production developed more than 1,000 sets of testing equipment, metal cutting, non-standard equipment manufacturing, stamping, hot surface treatment, welding,injection molding and other production and processing capacity.

Currently, the company is comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, take the science and technology enterprises, the introduction of talent, multi-channel joint venture of the road to the cross arms, multi-performance, multi-platform the special ammunition professional production strong enterprises to enter; civilian product development, the company is fullyplay to the advantage of military technology, development and production of hydraulic machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, marine machinery parts, large-scale manufacturing of non-standard equipment has been the formation of large-scale production. Including agricultural machinery, marine machinery parts have been exported to many countries and regions. The company will continue to adhere to the military combined, coordinated development of business ideas aimed at the high-tech development direction, take full advantage of the mechanism advantage for the national economic construction and modernization of national defense, in order to improve the economic benefits of the Company, hardships and glory!